Bobcat's are without a doubt a necessary piece of equipment for tree services and handling heavy debris in close quarter areas. Injuries can quickly occur moving heavy pieces of bucked wood to a chipper or truck for disposal. Bobcats or Skid Steers make this job a lot safer and easier for crews moving wood around.


Skid Steers are also useful handling storm debris after severe weather has blown down limbs and branches. Gathering wood debris and staging in near the road or Right-Of-Way (R.O.W) is more efficient and allows us to service more homes and businesses after a major storm hits.


Small lot clearing jobs we use our skid steers to move land clearing debris to our grinders or a truck to haul it away. Jobs that would take days to complete can be done in half the time with one Bobcat skid steer.

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Bobcat Services


Removing Wood Debris - Demo Work

Removing Underbrush

Lot Clearing


Bobcat Skid Steers are really useful during Disaster Recovery services cleaning up storm debris from Hurricanes and Tornadoes. Wood debris generated from emergency tree services just after a hurricane strikes is a massive undertaking and must be done first and foremost to make room for services and repairs.


Skid Steers can be used to pull debris and safely move debris piled on top of each other with rigging. Moving whole trees knocked down by storms interrupting power lines is paramount for utility services to begin restoring power to communities. Skid Steers can be off-loaded quickly from a trailer and be put in action in minutes compared to other heavy equipment that needs a semi-tractor trailer and may not be able to enter a confined area.


Skid Steers have a solid place in our industry and their service is irreplaceable to tree crews and disaster debris teams.  Bobcat operators are in need for many businesses and it's a great start-up business if you're interested in being your own boss of a small business.  it also can lead to a number of different services. Contact your local Bobcat Dealer or an accredited Heavy Equipment training center to inquire about Skid Steer training.

Bobcat Services


Wood Debris Hauling

Construction and Demolition Work

Landscaping Services

Small Grading Jobs

Street Sweeping

Underbrush Removal

Lot Clearing and small land clearing Jobs

Forestry and Timber work

Disaster Recovery Services

Drilling and Mining

Agricultural Farming

Wood Yards

Junk Yards

Recycle Yards

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A Sun State Tree has been a bobcat of Orlando Customer for many years and we appreciate the service and equipment they've provided us. Our company mainly uses grapple claws for grabbing large pieces of wood. It's a lot safer and efficient moving pieces of wood weighing a quarter of ton or more with a skid steer, than it would be for grounds men using Log Dollies.


Bobcat also has dozens of attachments

A Sun State Tree provides a lot of services for Contractors needing bobcat services with a unique attachment. We have used an auger attachment to help companies who needs holes drilled in the ground, parking lots swept with our street sweeper attachment, clearing overgrown foliage with the bush hog, and using our bucket to move top soil or adjust a grade.

We've bought a few but there are so many to choose from and new equipment each year.  Bobcat has something for almost everything.

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