Land Clearing or Lot Clearing is site work service by removing trees and vegetation on raw land to prepare a property for construction.  In the past land clearing and site developers would remove trees, palmetto shrubs and other foliage with heavy equipment and load the debris on trucks.  The trucks would then haul the heavy debris to a solid waste facility and pay for disposal costs usually by weight. The debris was defined as yard waste or green waste if it was strictly organic or C and D (Construction and Demolition) material if any signs of non-organics like concrete,metal or plastic was in a load. The cost of hauling and disposal would become an unexpected expense, if more debris was generated than estimated.

A Sun State Trees Inc, provides land clearing services for developers, contractors and property owners with site work solutions costing less than conventional methods of the past.

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In 1992, A Sun State Tree Inc. began purchasing tub and horizontal grinders to chip our tree crews wood into mulch for our nursery and landscaping crews. We also contracted with city and county municipalities across the Southeast to manage disaster debris sites for hurricane debris. Our equipment and personnel worked hard for several years helping regions struck by Major Hurricanes and Ice Storms. After Hurricane Katrina our grinders were just staged and idle at our home office for mobilization essentially lying dormant. We couldn't afford these machines to just sit inactive and researched fields within our industry and outside of the box to find work for our grinders. Our first endeavor was Land Clearing services boasting we could lower the budget on site-work clearing by 60%. Contractors, Developers, Architects, and other site-work companies didn't actually believe what we were offering and were skeptical.


The Briar Team, Foshee Construction, and Walrose, Inc. were a few of the local site work and underground contractors that gave Sun State Tree the opportunity to begin providing land clearing services. Today, we still offer our services to the companies above and many more after seeing the results we've proven to provide for over 15 years.


A Sun State Tree has owned, operated, and maintained about every industrial tub and horizontal grinder produced since 1995. Currently C.B.I. (Continental Biomass Industries) the manufacture of the horizontal grinders we're using in the field has proven it's reliability. The remote functions and trax make it easy to traverse sites and we feel it's presently one of the best horizontal grinders on the market. Morbark and Diamond Z still remain the leaders in Tub Grinders for grinding large amounts of bulky debris and huge root balls. But, Vermeer is rolling out a new tub grinding model that will be a heavy competitor and could take the top spot. We're looking forward to demo one in the near future so we will keep you up to date.


Grinding land clearing debris provides a lot of benefits.

It instantly gives us a recycled organic commodity.

It allows us to transport almost 4x more wood than raw wood debris.

Reduces disposal costs and the overloading of landfills by 70%.

Better alternative than burning wood debris, especially within close proximity to other homes or business developments.

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