A Sun State Trees Inc offers Tree Removal service to residential and commercial property owners throughout central Florida. Our company specializes in removing the big trees and trees located close to your home or business that could pose a risk.


Trees are removed for several reasons:


  • mature and outgrow their location; risking property damage
  • infection from disease or canker
  • damaged from lightning or high winds; severe weather
  • Trees that succumb to pests
  • Construction or renovation


 Removals can be difficult depending on their size and location to structures or utilities. Our company specializes in removing big trees in delicate close quarter locations. Sun State Tree crews work 6 days a week, year round to satisfy the growing demand for tree service in Central Florida. Removing trees in an urban environment is very dangerous and we take safety very serious.


Using a crane to remove large heavy limbs and sections of the stalk is ideal but in some cases a crane can't be properly set up at a residential home. If that is the case we piece down sections much smaller with ropes and rigging.  Ground crews clean up and remove the tree debris with log dollies by hand to a location near the brush chipper for chipping or roadside for pick up with a grapple truck. We also use Bobcats to pick up wood debris from a removal operation and stack it in the Right of Way for the grapple truck. Depending on the size most of our tree removal jobs produce a lot of tree debris. Customers are always surprised the first time they see how much wood is stacked after their removal.


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Emergency Tree Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Tree services needed after normal business hours to remove tree debris is considered Emergency Service. Most of our Emergency Tree Removals are for trees that have fallen and damaged property or blocking access to your home or business. In some cases trees or limbs will damage electrical power lines and other utilities that need to be back up and running as soon as possible. If you're indoors when a tree strikes your home move everyone to a safe location before calling emergency services if needed and A Sun State Tree Service.
Most emergency services are unable to provide tree service to handle a fallen tree. Municipal and government entities can only contact emergency tree services.

After 30 years in business Sun State Tree has been a name you can trust in dire circumstances, to be there when you need us.

Helping a family or business is a very rewarding feeling and the gratitude and praise we receive from customers is priceless.


Mistakes always go public

Success that stays private

We are often asked, "Where do you find your Tree Climbers?" or

 "Where do your Tree Climbers receive their training?"

Tree Climbers are definitely a rare breed. Most of the Climbers working today received training from a mentor or accomplished Tree Climber. Traditional training with guidance on proper tree climbing, chainsaw use, pruning and rigging is performed by a trained climber. If an individual working on the ground crew has an interest in wanting to learn how to climb. They must work on the ground crew team for no less than 9 months. Even then we evaluate the individual and most of our candidates decide it's not for them or if more guidance is needed before handling a job on their own. The Climber and Trainee will climb the tree together for more personal training and confidence. We also have climbers who have training in rigging, climbing and belaying techniques acquired from serving in the military.

ISA© (International Society of Arborist) is an organization known worldwide who promotes and standardizes the tree care industry. They provide training material and testing for Ground Men, Climbers, and the Certified Arborist exam.

When a Climber can no longer perform tree work due to age or injury. Most acclimate very easily to sales or a field supervisor position within our industry. Recently retired climbers have been recruited by insurance companies to evaluate and score a tree companies operations for new and existing policies. A few climbers open their own tree service business and experience a whole new facet in the tree care industry.


More women are choosing a career in the Arbor Culture Community and producing Quick Quality Work. The tree business is only prejudice to people afraid of heights and lazy work ethics. Women bring a touch of class to a stereotypical masculine based trade and the surprised look on a customers face is priceless. Most of the women climbing today received training from a family member (Father, Brother, etc.) or the military.


Viktoria Carstens and Felixia Banck are promoting a movement on social media womensarbcamp to train and educate women choosing a career in arbor culture. For an industry in need of accomplished climbers and certified arborist; women have a unique career choice available to them.

If you want a great workout ladies, top pay and an office with a different view everyday...

Stop by your local tree company.

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