A Sun State Tree Inc. provides tree service for Central Florida customers year round. We've serviced residential and commercial property owners for over 30 years.  Our company is licensed insured to operate a professional tree service

Tree and Specialized services we offer:


Tree Removals

Tree Trimming

Emergency Tree Services, 24hr

Hurricane Tree Removals

Wood Debris Hauling

Disaster Tree Service

Crane Services

Close Quarter Tree Removals

Tree Bracing and Cabling

Tree Injections


There's no tree to big for our company to provide services.  A Sun State Tree has the experience and equipment to get the job done professionally and safely. Call for a Free Estimate Today.

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What a professional tree service should provide it's customers


A written estimate of the services you can hold the company accountable for and the services listed you've agreed upon. Taking someone by their word is honorable to say the least but it also leads to miscommunication.

Provide customers copies of current license, insurance, and certifications proving the company can professionally provide services legally. Records that assures the customer is protected in the event of an accident.

Professional, Courteous and Safe services is something we practice everyday to change the negative stereotype our industry is labeled.
Our company is adamant about being respectful and courteous to our customers and providing them a quick and professional service.

Knowledge of your trees such as type, age, growth pattern and the correct diagnosis for your tree if it needs care. Experience in recognizing diseases, pests and deformed growth that might pose a risk to your tree.

The ability to provide an Arborist report from a certified ISA Arborist.  Trees removed within city ordinances require an Arborist report stating why the tree is being removed.  Having full knowledge of city, county and state municipal rules and codes involving tree service should be expected of any professional tree service contractor.

Information about your tree service job. Providing customers a trusted date for service and communicating with our customers of any changes or reschedule of services because of circumstances beyond our control

Providing customers a fair and reasonable price for the tree service they've requested and agreed upon. An affordable fair price is the goal of the customer and contractor.  An accurate bid at an affordable price is what a professional tree company strives to provide.

What to expect when a  tree crew arrives


When our tree crews arrive it can be somewhat intimidating.  Crew members, trucks and heavy duty equipment all at once at your home can be overwhelming. Our tree crews are well orchestrated and trained to provide safe services.

Our company expects our crews to be Polite, Professional, and Courteous. I never get a bad comment about my tree crews actions or performance. They work in adverse weather conditions and it's hard work. It takes physical and mental endurance to do the job they do in the Florida heat.

All we have are big trucks to do our jobs from day to day. If a truck or a crane has to set up on your lawn, it will damage your lawn. Our estimators work out all these details before you agree to the estimate. In most cases we offer sod repair at cost or seek another option.

Before the tree crew arrives make sure outdoor furniture, playgrounds, or other property that can be moved are put away to prevent damage. Tree service companies do everything in their power not to damage anything but it happens.

Accidents Happen.

Every Tree Company hates to admit it but cutting and lowering up to a couple tons of timber will inevitability lead to an accident.

Tree Trimming or pruning has 2 aspects; The necessary and the aesthetic. What you see from the ground doesn't represent what a climber sees in the tree. Sometimes more comes off then a customer desires or doesn't trim enough.  Our climbers combine pruning protocols and the trees beauty for future growth.

Tree crews are scheduled the night before and in order of arrival for service. Order of service is by location and fuel efficiency. We never try to  keep you waiting at home for the service. The job before you may have taken longer to service or had equipment problems.  The equipment we use is considered the top of the line but repairs are inevitable because of the punishment they receive.



Q.  What's considered emergency tree service?


Emergency tree service is tree work after normal business hours.  Trees that fall unexpectedly on homes and businesses. Trees being removed after severe weather strikes (ie. hurricane, tornadoes & ice storms.


Q.  When do you pick up the logs and wood in front of my house?


We try to pick up the wood debris the same day or the next day.  We do get backed up from time to time and after severe weather sub contractors provide wood debris hauling services


Q.  Can I cut back a large limb over my house when the tree belongs to my neighbor?


Yes. The best option is working with your neighbor to have the trim trimmed or the limb removed. Legally you can remove the limb to the boundary of your property. Utility companies that trim trees for power lines call it "Side-walling"


Q.  When will my stumps be finished?


Grinding your stumps usually takes no more than 2-3 days after the tree is removed.  We have been guilty of it taking longer but we do eventually get everyone taken care of.


Q. Do I have to acquire a permit to remove my tree?


   If the tree resides in a township or city in the greater Orlando area.  We provide you an Arborist report that states why the tre is being removed. But the determination of removal is with the City/Town Arborist if city ordinances state it so.. If the tree is a direct hazard to your property, struck by lightning, infested with termites or damaged posing a threat to harm your home or family. It can be removed with no problem usually.

Tree services are normally categorized as Logging or Forestry.  Logging is one of the most deadliest jobs in the US workforce. That's why we use cranes to assist us when we remove big trees.  Using a crane is a lot safer when lowering cut limbs and portions of the stalk.  Experienced Climbers and the training they receive from fieldwork and national institutes for Arbor-Culture is another way we stay safe.


The work we perform is strenuous and difficult. It takes equipment we can trust like Stihl for reliable and durable chainsaws, pole saws, and assorted gas-powered equipment. Vermeer Southeast and Bobcat of Orlando are companies that provide us brush chippers and skid steers to handle heavy wood or chip up wood debris for hauling.  All of the equipment mentioned is expensive but needed for our operations. The trucks we use to carry crews, pick-up and transport wood debris is paramount to our business and provides an efficient professional service.

Thank you for all the years of service.
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