Sun State Tree has owned,operated and maintained tub and horizontal grinders for over 25 years. It's difficult to say which is the best as we have found they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Every industrial grinder we have used or added to our fleet is because we were lucky to get a deal or able to receive financing.

We initially found our first tub grinder in Oregon and transported here to Florida. It was a used 1989 Morbark 1200 with it's own grapple boom to pick up wood and feed it. We got a lot of use from that machine and convinced us to but Morbark 1300. The model number corresponded with the diameter of the tub opening, 13 feet for the 1300, 12 feet for the 1200. Then we traded and made a deal for a Morbark 7600 Hogzilla, a horizontal grinder we mainly used for wood debris from disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes. Our last Morbark tub grinder we purchased in 2007 was the largest tub grinder in the southeast at the time, the Morbark 1600 (16 foot tub). We were using industrial grinders in our Wood Yard grinding our own chips and mulch from our tree company operations and grinding disaster debris from hurricanes. If one would need major repair to get operational we acquired Diamond Z, Vermeer and Peterson grinders in order to fulfill our grinding obligations.

When our company restructured, we focused on a permanent Wood Yard for mulch manufacturing and wood recycling innovations. We also opened another division for our company in Land Clearing for site developers and contractors. We currently have two C.B.I. horizontal grinders on trax we use for both operations that can be maneuvered by remote. Our Morbark 1600, Diamond Z and Morbark 6600 we acquired are being repaired or need fabrication from wear. We have definitely had our share of repairs on every modern hammer mill system and CAT engine that run them.

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