Picking up and hauling wood debris is a very important part of our business. We not only pick up wood our tree crews are unable to chip but we also pick up and haul wood for smaller tree companies, homeowners, and businesses


Wood debris is made up of branches, limbs, and the stalk of the tree, if a removal is performed.  We use grapple trucks, skid steers and dump trucks to take on such a task.  The equipment and trucks are a huge expense but needed to efficiently pick up and haul heavy wood.  All of the wood debris we pick up is transported to our wood yard, a facility we drop off wood and recycle it into firewood and mulch.  All of the wood we handle is 100% recycled and used by dozens of sources.

Branches and limbs home owners trim themselves and leave out in front of their house is picked up by local municipalities. The wood debris pick up service we provide is what the city and county can't pick up because the wood is to large or the pile is to massive.


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Storm Debris is another aspect of hauling wood debris but differs from our normal daily operations.  Storm Debris also consists of branches, limbs, stalks and so forth but it also might have shrubbery and palms.  Whatever the storms blow down we pick it up and haul it away.  Depending on the severity of the storm the debris could be concentrated in a small area or a huge region in the aftermath of a hurricane or tornado.


The wood debris gathered by tree crews or homeowners is moved and staged at the R.O.W. (Right-Of-Way) the portion of property in front of homes next to the street.

Grapple trucks and heavy duty haulers pick up the wood debris they can reach on the R.O.W. and haul the wood to landfills, or disaster debris sites depending on the severity of the storm.  Disaster Recovery specialists are awarded contracts by cities and counties well before a disaster like a hurricane strikes to insure the debris gets picked up.  The Clean up after a major hurricane is an orchestrated plan by local & federal governments. Most of the cost is paid by taxpayers through emergency funds and the scale of damage usually immense.

Picking up wood after our jobs or after storms has been an intricate part of our business for years.  The long hours and hard work put in by man and machine over the last 30 years is unimaginable.

A Sun State Tree has been hauling wood since Hurricane Andrew 1992.

Every local storm and every hurricane that's struck U.S. Soil we've been there to help cut, move, and haul wood.  So that communities and cities can recover and regain normal routines as quickly as possible.

The longer it takes for an area to recover the more that area and it's people suffer.  The reward tree crews and companies receive helping people over the years far out weighs any profits.  The money comes and goes but the gratitude we've received is eternal.

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