Sun State Tree operated it's first wood grinding location in Casselberry, Florida on property next to our office. We were looking for way to reduce the cost of solid waste disposal fees for our wood debris produced from the daily tree work. The mulch from grinding wood makes it easier to load and transport. The land was too small and operations were crowded if the grinders were down for a period of time.

After 20 years of buying, operating and repairing tub and horizontal grinders. We've finally earned a small spot in our industry using innovative ways to use our grinders and finding unique outlets for our mulch.

Wood Recycling is a term used to describe the process of sawing,milling or chipping wood to reuse it for another product. We use the word recycle because solid waste entities categorizes this material as yard trash. The process of reinvigorating trash and repurpose it for use again is recycling. Our operation is also called mulching or manufacturing due to the fact the wood wasn't a product in use before processing just a material. Either way the wood products we make for dozens of clients is used for some of the most interesting products.

Firewood is the first and oldest product that comes from wood processing. We supply homeowners, restaurants, churches, and whoever else wants to have a nice cozy fire. For several years we supplied Tony Robbins seminar when he visited Orlando, for his renowned walking on hot coals.


Wood Chips which are bigger pieces of mulch chips (2" or more) are used by mulch manufacturers that regrind it to their specifications, bag it and supply most of Florida's garden centers.  These chips are also used in the making of OSB plywood (Orientated Stranded Board).  The chips are screened, washed, mixed with an adhesive, then thermally pressed to make a strong sheet of plywood. We've also seen these chips used to make an ethanol blend of fuel, carbon farming, hazardous waste spills the list is endless.


Wood Fines are fibrous wood particles and saw dust our screener produces when separating wood chips for clean mulch. The wood fines are used at horse stables, made into a paste for hundreds of products, certain papers and packed in environmental socks for oil spills. The uses are ever growing for this product and not as easily made in bulk compared to wood chips.


Dirty Mulch is everything not desirable for mulch because of the material and high dirt content. It consists of root balls, palm fronds and stalks, grass clippings, palmetto and underbrush. Anything a landscaper would off load as yard trash is processed with the same grinder screen our wood chips pass through and becomes dirty mulch. The uses are still confined to soil amendments for potting soil products and a base layer to prevent soil erosion but we have also seen certain theme parks use it to accelerate the decomposition of biodegradable food containers.


Clean Mulch is the end process made from strictly nothing but wood with a size no greater than 2". It's made from mostly oak and pine which we process separately. It's used for what else mulch. This mulch is the same consistency you will find in bagged mulch at garden centers but we only see it in bulk. We also dye this mulch for clients and deliver it in bulk to landscape nurseries or it's loaded in mulch trucks that quickly blows the mulch out by hose on commercial properties. Our clean mulch is a very desired product by local mulch installers and landscaping suppliers because of the quality and the affordable price. Each client is very particular about the quality of their clean mulch dyed and not dyed so we've had to set the bar high without losing our relationship to price.

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